Monday, 29 September 2008

Just close your eyes and Ill take you there, this place is warm without a care

Today was our first day back at uni properly. I had one lecture. Its a hard life.

I am attempting to write my project by the end of the week and its awful I am struggling so much on the introduction I really wish I had done more over the summer.

I found out that my project supervisor is Roger Butlin who I had for my lecture today, he seems OK, his area of research is winkles and grasshoppers, which may prove interesting... I hope Kazz gets someone good for project. I really want us both to have fantastic opportunities.

We went out photototoing on Saturday, first to Crookes Valley Park then the Botanical Gardens then back to the park where I took some shots of kayakers which have hopefully come out ok, I shall put some up in a bit.

We have an exciting meeting about level 3 tomorrow which I cannot wait to attend. I am sure we will get showered in paper and shouted at by MSJ.

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